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Instructor Brian O’Malley, owner of Screenplay Readers (est. 1999)

This 8-week online course teaches you how to set up and run your own script reading business and provides 1-on-1 interaction with the instructor at every step, plus detailed answers to any questions, as well as limited instructor guidance and help once you complete the course.

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Can I work at my own pace? Yes. The course begins as soon as you register, and releases new material every 7 days. You may take as much time as you like to absorb the reading material, achieve the tasks (at your own pace), and ask questions of the instructor. It’s an 8-week course, but you’ll have access to the content for 60 days after the course ends.

Does this course guarantee success at running a script reading business? No. That is up to you.

Will this course teach me web design and/or website building? No. The course provides detailed guidance as to how to build your website using a third-party platform (for example, Squarespace), shows you what you need to do, and provides links to several platforms’ help articles and tutorials, but it does not give you a step-by-step of what buttons to push to create your website, nor does the instructor provide technical support for those platforms.

Is this course exclusively about building a website? No. The course covers many aspects of starting your script reading business (see the Course Content below). That said, several of the first sections focus solely on your website.

Will the instructor check my website and make sure it’s working correctly? No.

Who is the instructor for this course? The instructor is me, writer and filmmaker Brian O’Malley. I got my start as a script reader for a talent and literary agency in 1994, then worked as a reader and script coordinator at the studio of B-movie maverick Roger Corman (Little Shop of Horrors, Death Race 2000). In 1999, I founded my script reading company Screenplay Readers, where I continues to work with a team of talented readers to help producers and agents find good material, and help writers make their screenplays stronger and more marketable.

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